Hi everyone,

How is life? I wrote a post THREE WEEKS AGO but didn’t post it because I didn’t get around to finding pics until today. Now that it is 3 weeks later, I have a few other things on my mind but I am just gonna post what I wrote 3 weeks ago. Then maybe, if we’re lucky, this weekend I will get around to writing another post about how I feel. Present tense.


I am a little down in the dumps (do I ever stay on a high for long?). I went to the dentist earlier this week to see about fixing one tooth and getting Invisalign to correct my teeth. Invisalign, for those of you who don’t know, is a treatment that does the same thing as braces, but it features a removable clear retainer that is not quite as noticeable as “metal mouth”. Anyways, I did my consultation and was told that the problem tooth is too far gone now that it will need to be taken out and replaced with an implant. Furthermore, my Invisalign treatment will be for two years and the implant has to be done after the Invisalign. The invisalign retainer will thankfully have a fake tooth in but I will have to take it out when I am eating. This means that for two years I will have to make do with a missing front tooth showing whenever I eat.

Toothless smile

My massive gap will be at the bottom but that pic kinda looks like a much better version of how I imagine my mouth will look. Plus, that’s a kid and kids without teeth are cute. Adults, not so much.

Thanks to terrible genes in the teeth department, one of my bottom front teeth (of course it’s in the front) has been suffering from a receding gum problem since I was in college. Thankfully it’s the only one and, on the bright side, I don’t have any cavities. Most people don’t notice the gum missing from below this tooth since it is at the bottom. And only recently has it noticeably shifted so that people can see a gap. Anyways, for the past 8 years I have been trying to get the tooth fixed but the problem is that treatment always begins with multiple deep cleanings and I never stay in the same place long enough to get past that stage. When I move somewhere it normally takes me around 6 months to settle and find a job or be stable enough to go to the dentist. Normally I only go after a year. Then when I go they have to do all that cleaning and deep cleaning to get the tooth ready for surgery or whatever main treatment they have planned. Months and months of work! Usually, by the time the last cleaning date rolls around, it’s just about the time when I am packing my bags to move to a new city/country. Damn me and my love of traveling!

funny cat ignores dog

Now it is too late to save the tooth and I find myself facing the prospect of eating with a missing tooth for at least two years. More than the exorbitant cost, this, this eating with a tooth-sized gap is my number one concern. How am I going to get through my numerous breakfast, lunch and dinner work meetings AND how, pray tell, am I going to go on dates????

Megan Fox without teeth

That girl (I think it is Megan Fox) still looks good even without teeth. I will not.

Is it even considered a date if there is no eating or drinking at all involved?

This summer is supposed to be my summer of fun! The time when my social life begins again! I planned to be living on my own, partying it up, making out with the ladies (and men too) and generally having a damn good time. The whole point of looking into Invisalign instead of braces was to lessen the whole screwed-up aesthetics associated with metal mouth. Now, as a to-be toothless person, my dream of fun in the sun is swiftly crashing down.

puppy fun fail


I think I am gonna wait to have it removed at the end of summer. So I can have one more summer with all my natural teeth.

I know that in the grand scheme of things this isn’t a massive problem. Definitely a first world problem. There are many worse things that could happen to me and are happening to others right now. So in preparing for the fall and the beginning of my 2-yr missing tooth journey, I’m gonna really try to take the words of my latest celebrity crush, Lupita Nyong’o, to heart: “You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you…what is fundamentally beautiful is compassion – for you and those around you.”

Lupita Nyongo

That girl is gorgeous by the way. Outside and seemingly inside too. Gorgeous!

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