Hiya everyone!

It’s been over a month since my last post but I AM getting this post in before the end of the month so I’ll meet my once-a-month post. Ergo, I feel like a motherfucking champ! Especially since I started writing this post 5 hours ago but got distracted on Tumblr, yet I persevered and am still here! Also, this is probably going to be the most productive thing I do ALL day.

Anyways, so many things have happened in the world since I last posted. Most notably, Michelle Rodriguez, Monica Raymund and Ellen Page all came out! They join Maria Bello, someone I also long ago pinged for, and Raven Symone who both came out late last year. My Mum may think that the gay is becoming too prominent in society but I for one think it’s about bloody time. More inspiration for the closeted and semi-closeted people like me!

Raven Symone NOH8

Besides that, I have not been doing much in the past month. Home life is still stressful thanks to some family drama going on. I have also been working thankfully but am still not super busy. And it’s too cold and places are too far for me to go find some activity or volunteer thing to do. On the bright side though, in the past month I have been meeting and going out with some more lesbians!

happy cat

Maybe I will get my own little queer female crew together! Or rather, maybe God will feel sorry for me and make that situation fall into my lap. Because if it’s me you guys are depending on to get a bi-lez crew going, it ain’t gonna happen. You all should know that I have zero charm with initiating anything with lesbians or bisexual women. So if any crew forms it will be by God’s grace or the efforts of the other girls.

Last weekend when I hung out with the girls, it was a group of couples and only one other girl and I were single. Two of the three couples were very touchy feely. Like I’m talking kissing, hugging, stroking backs/arms, etc. In public. Definitely my first time out with that type of PDA-friendly group.

I am not big into PDA. Many of my hetero couple friends don’t do much PDA either. So PDA in general is something that I don’t deal with often from my friends. Add in the fact that it was queer women showing the PDA and that I was in their company out in public, and you’ll understand then that that took some getting used to. Thankfully, we were out in the suburbs far away from people I might know so this closet-case wasn’t too worried about people seeing me with the group. However, I worry a little about going out with that big group downtown. Downtown, I could easily bump into former or current church friends/acquaintances, family members and former (prejudiced) classmates at some point if I do it often enough. I think I need a plan for when that happens. What should I do?

dog failing to hide

Well, besides that.

I am also preparing myself to come out to my closest friend here. AND I am already starting to think of Pride. I have never been to a Pride anywhere and I would love to go to the one happening this summer in my city. I guess though that I am still a tad bit early on the excitement. Outside still feels-like -22C/-7F! So it’s probably best to contain my excitement for now.

Actually, let me end this rambling, directionless post. You are now all caught up with my boring life! On the bright side, it is not nearly as unexciting as it was this time last year. However, please still accept my apologies. Here’s to hoping that my posts start getting interesting again soon.

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