How goes life? I am doing alright. My professional life is still going dandy, thank the Lord. On the socializing front, life is ok. I am going out although not necessarily going out with the kind of people I want to go out with…Personal life on the dating front is almost non-existent. But I’m not really on here to lament about that. At least not today. Today’s post is probably going to end up being a more directionless-than-usual post about many a thing on my mind.

First and foremost. I am absolutely horrified to inform you guys that I have developed some serious acne! And I don’t really know why!

girl with pimples

Yep, that’s me. But with about ten times the number of zits. And way more variety in the kinds of zits.

Last summer I had a temporary bout of acne but I know it was because of stress and depression. This latest acne invasion on my face began about 2 weeks ago. It’s the worse I’ve ever had it in at least ten years. And I’m so pissed! I’m 30 freaking years old, why oh why does my face look like that of a 16-year old teenager? Also, I don’t feel as stressed as I did even just a few months ago so WHAT IS UP Universe?

I’ve been joking that I’m getting this terrible acne because maybe I’m allergic to living at home. Lol. But seriously though, as I’ve mentioned on here a number of times, I don’t wear makeup often and even more noteworthy is that I don’t really know HOW to put on makeup properly. So I certainly don’t know where to start to use makeup to hide the countless zits on my face.

Funny Cat Hiding - Hideous


Anyways, moving on!

I’m pleased to report that, in my current city, I am back to seeing hot girls everywhere. The last time I saw so many hot girls so regularly was in my grad school town, over a year ago. One thing I don’t like here though is that I’m never quite sure of the age of the people I’m ogling. In my grad school town, I was reasonably sure that the hot girl running across the street in her tiny tiny shorts was at least eighteen. Here where I am? Not so much. This becomes quite problematic at the mall. So I’ve been staying away from ogling anyone that looks to be under 25. Which is a good thing anyways because I don’t think I’m supposed to be seriously considering dating anyone under 23.

cradle robber

Speaking of ogling, yesterday I was headed to a client meeting. My environmentally-conscious (and also very cheap) ass uses public transportation. So I was headed to the client’s on a bus.¬†Sitting at a window seat, listening to music and staring out the window. The bus was stopped in traffic when I saw her. A hot girl (okay woman) in a leather jacket, mini-skirt and heels. Her finely braided hair was up in a messy bun. Time seemed to go by very slowly as I followed her with my eyes, all the way until she passed the bus and crossed the street out of sight. It was only once I could no longer see her that I realized the reason I was able to watch her for so long was that our bus had inched its way to the bus stop and stopped there for some time before taking off again. The bus stop where it had stopped was, of course, the stop where I should have gotten off. I missed my stop because I was ogling a girl. Karma and its bitchiness!

Sadly, that’s the most exciting thing I have to report from my life at the mo’. I guess I have to get used to this being the new normal for the time being. If I’m lucky, next time I will have something more exciting to report. However, with winter approaching in Canada (in my mind the seasons go straight from summer to winter), it is likely, nay probable, that my socializing will lessen, not increase. So don’t hold your breath for juicy stories about my life in this exciting Canadian city. I’ll probably have to delve into my past to give you some good stories in my future posts. At least for the next little while. Until then, cheers.

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