Hola everyone,

What’s cracking? I have been SO uncharacteristically busy the last couple days! Have tons of actual work to do today. So, naturally, I decided it was a great time to write a post! I swear my tendency to procrastinate will be my downfall one of these days.


Quick update on life. Still in cold-ass Canada. Still surviving living at home. My family situation is definitely not great for my mental health. Sadly, only a little of it has to do with not being out. Most of my troubles are from other issues, bigger than my little desire to be out and proud.

I wrote something somewhere else a couple days ago about my family situation. It ended with the following, “Still, I am pissed at…And sad for them. And pissed at them. All at the same time. All the damn time.”

displeased angry puppy

Another piece of slightly bad news is that I decided to move out only temporarily when I move out this summer, instead of permanently. After that it might be off to new horizons but more than likely it will be a move back home later in the year. Why, you wonder? Especially when I’ve been singing about this move for months now?

Well, the main reason is that I want to make sure that when I move out I have enough money saved to be able to survive financially for at least 8 months, hopefully a year. Besides the fact that experts recommend we have enough money saved up for 6 months living expenses (I know I know, I sound like a PSA), I personally want this savings nest egg before I move out, on the chance that I might be jobless for a year. I am ALL about thinking negatively.

Also, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’d know that after fulfilling a brief contract I went jobless for a pretty long time after grad school, almost a year. Thankfully, although I have never been fired from a job, my first step whenever I get a job has always been to build a savings nest in preparation for the worst, the worst being getting fired. So, it was thanks to my savings I built up before that long stretch of unemployment AND the help of family in the US (living with them those last months saved me living expenses) that I made it that year ok. Yes, I was broke through much of it but I was at least able to pay my monthly bills and make my huge monthly grad school loan payments.

The other reason is because of the new life development I mentioned in my last post. I doubt I will be going out much from the fall onwards anyways, at least not til next summer. So it’ll be better to go back and live with family so that next year when I am deciding my next move I will be in a much better financial position.

On to brighter topics! Apartment-hunting!

I missed out on one really good one so far because I didn’t wanna go visit it in rainy/snowy weather and I asked for a viewing 4 days down the road from when I contacted the owner. The day I was to visit the apartment the owner messaged to tell me she found someone. I guess other people have no qualms with the rain or slush, eh?

sun lover

Sue me. I can’t help it that, because I grew up in a country with perfect climate, the weather in Canada is almost always falling drastically short of what I think is even remotely habitable for people.

Speaking of weather, it still has yet to get to a level where it feels like it is spring. So, although I have been going out here and there, I find myself spending a lot of time inside still. Time I use to watch TV shows and catch up on lesbian storylines. I watched the last few episodes of Lost Girl and thought they were mostly shit. In my opinion, the storylines, consistency and continuity on that show got more and more ridiculous as the season progressed, not to mention the questionable acting on display by some characters. Bo’s hotness may not be able to keep me for season 5.

Bo from Lost Girl

And damn if she isn’t hot with a capital H. Sigh.

Back to the topic at hand!

Lesbian Storylines I’m Excited About At The Moment

Shows and lesbian storylines I have been watching or looking forward to are (in no particular order):

  • Orphan Black: If you aren’t watching this show yet, get on it! AMAZING acting and a lovely lesbian storyline with Cosima/Delphine.
  • Rookie Blue: nice buildup and such a hot-looking couple in the form of Gail/Holly. I only watched their storyline (*cough* many many times) but can’t wait for this season to start.
  • Orange Is the New Black: The whole show but of course I especially enjoyed the lesbian storyline with Piper/Alex.
  • Faking It: The first episode was cute. It has potential.

At the moment though, I am obsessed with a couple in a German TV show:

Jasmin and Anni aka Jasanni from Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (GZSZ)

Anni Jasmin Jasanni GZSZ

Anni Jasmin Jasanni kissing GZSZ

Anni Jasmin Jasanni GZSZAnni Jasmin Jasanni kissing GZSZ

GZSZ is a German show. Jasmin is played by Janina Uhse and Anni is played by Linda Marlen Runge. The basic storyline of Jasmin and Anni is that they are flatmates, falling in love. Anni is a lesbian and, when this story started last year, Jasmin was married and still together with her husband. Oh, and also very much straight. The story has been slow-moving but very well done and, now that they finally hooked up, the sexy times for these two chicas are already more frequent and much better than the sexy times of many other lesbian couples on TV. Also, did I mention that I am IN LOVE with Jasmin? Besides the fact that she is hot, from what I’ve seen of her character and personality traits in the show I like her better. She is of course the one in the relationship with the most issues.

Jasmin from GZSZ

Always drawn to the messed-up ones I am!

She reminds me in looks and some of the cuter personality aspects of the original Rebecca from the Rebecca/Miriam days on another German TV show, Verbotene Liebe. The Rebecca/Miriam storyline was a sweet storyline of a very hot couple that was good while it lasted. Jasmin is just as hot as that Rebecca, if not hotter, but she is not as awkward and is way more normal. Probably because the home environment for GZSZ is an apartment, not a castle. By the way, in case you are interested in Rebecca/Miriam, this is how they looked. Rebecca is wearing the bun and, if only you could see, a very hot shirt. Only that shirt.

Rebecca Miriam Verboten Liebe

Anyway, I wish more people knew about Anni and Jasmin. The tattooed actress who portrays Anni plays a lesbian very well, in my humble and inexperienced opinion. Tough-acting Anni is not without her own issues either. And I think she is pretty hot too, in a different way from Jasmin. Here she is with a hint of her lesbian smirk.

Anni from GZSZ

There have been angry moments, comforting moments, flirty moments, sexy times and much more with these two so far. Lots of angst but lots of other things too. And I think lots more to come. I hope the showrunners won’t frack up the storyline but so far I am enjoying it and I will continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

There are gifs and pics of them on Tumblr but I wish the network that owned the TV show would allow people to post clips on YouTube. The network that owns the show is one of those networks that take down any videos as soon as they are posted. However, there are ways to watch it. Since I am all about spreading the word about this show here goes. If you are interested in watching their storyline, including subtitled in english, then I recommend you visit [site-removed] and you will find all the answers you seek. Go watch it. Then come back and thank me here. You are welcome!

As for me, instead of settling down to work, I think I will go back and rewatch some choice scenes of those two right now. Or perhaps I will finally clean my room!

EDIT: My goodness you guys. I can see that you are dying to watch it. Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments. Please just contact me through the contact form and I will send you a message for how to watch it!

EDIT #2: OMG, every time I log into my email I have so many requests! Although I have a stock message now it still takes me a ton of time to answer the emails. So I apologize for the delay. I don’t mind responding but my motivation to respond to hundreds of messages at a time ebbs and flows. So, to make it better for both sides, I hope you guys don’t mind me requesting one small favour from you. Could you read another post and comment on it before requesting the GZSZ info. Because my other posts are now suffering from post comment envy. I personally liked the Paper Aeroplanes and Smells Like and the Voices in My Head posts. They were all from a kinda stressful period of my life. And I tend to write better when I am stressed, that is, if I write at all. But feel free to check out other posts too. Maybe you might discover there is stuff you like. Or maybe they are all shit. You can let me know that too. From now on, I will respond first to those persons who comment on other posts. Or you can follow me on Tumblr/Twitter or like my Facebook page and let me know your handle when you message so I give you priority too. All this may motivate me to work through the requests on a more regular basis and for longer periods of time.

EDIT JAN 2015: OK peoples! I am so sorry but I can no longer guarantee that I will eventually get to your email. I just caught up with the hundreds I had over the holidays. I want to actually get back to writing posts when I visit here. The last ten or so times I have logged in, I end up spending my time answering emails instead of writing whatever post I had in mind. You can send me the emails and I will respond when I can, as time is available. But I no longer make any promises. Hope you understand!

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