What’s happening peoples? It’s been a while! But I’m still here. Still sporting some big ass pimples. Thankfully, while I still have loads on my face, I think they are finally going down a little.

Work is STILL going well though! I can’t believe it. I keep thinking the shoe is gonna drop any time now. That’s the expression, right? Because, so far, I have been so lucky with this self-employed thing that I imagine that it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. In fact, in the beginning, every time a particular client scheduled a meeting with me I thought they were gonna fire me. Instead it was to get more advice from me AND also to tell me how much they appreciated the work I was doing.

Surprised dog

I know right!

That client has become my main client and they are treating (and paying!) me very well. This although I do believe that for the past two, nay three, weeks, I have been giving some serious competition to that guy who developed the 4-hour workweek. Really peoples, I swear I felt like I put in 4 hours of work TOTAL last week. But main client is still, unbelievably, happy. For now they seem more interested in results than effort or time so that’s good.

happy puppy - no hands

I guess I just need to find more jobs that take up more of my time so that I don’t feel like I am wasting away in Margueritaville, big paycheque or not. Then again, one of the reasons I went to grad school and am in the field I am in now is that my lazy ass decided to stop challenging myself as I furthered my studies. Study a subject that is easier and just as well-paying as my previous career (to me at least). Good pay for more interesting and less challenging work. That was my goal. Hmm, see this is the smarter-than-thou attitude that is sure to land me underwater again!

Anyway, with all this free time, you’d think I’d use it wisely. You would be wrong of course. I have done JACK ALL with my time.

Okay okay, that’s not entirely true. Lest you think I am a complete and utter time-waster (I am but I just don’t want you to think it!), I’ll admit that except for the past three largely unproductive weeks, I have been keeping busy doing a number of different projects. It’s just that when it all adds up, it still feels like not much. Consequently, I think I need to do more.

What exactly should I do? Not sure yet.

Also, it’s been roughly five months since I’ve been back in Canada and I am most definitely getting the itch to move again.

I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list - Susan Sontag


Alright, I didn’t come on here to bore you with my perpetual existential crisis. I wanted to tell the story of how I finally got to go to a lesbian night here in my very liberal, adopted Canadian city!

happy kitten

A month ago I met up with one of the readers of this blog and we decided to make a first go at a popular lesbian night here in our city. We planned to go to the one that was held last weekend.

The evening arrived after much counting down of days.

We were to meet for a pre-drink at a place close by the lesbian venue and then walk over together. I donned my usual going out outfit, i.e. skinny jeans, boots and a nice, casual top. I also put on a coat because it was raining and cold. I HATE the rain. Almost as much as I hate cold weather. However, as it had been three months since my last interaction with lesbians, best believe that wild horses were not going to stop me from getting to the ladies night. And if wild horses couldn’t stop me then a little rain certainly wasn’t going to do it either.

I daresay my determination rivaled that of the puppy in the video above.

Alas, however, my terrible time management skills came to the fore because I miscalculated the time it would take to get ready. By the time I was ready, my handy smartphone app told me that I just missed the first bus that would have made me arrive on time. I texted the other girl and told her I’d be 15 minutes late although the next bus was coming in 25 minutes (a little life tip for ya, people who are always late almost always underestimate how long it will take them to get places).

I didn’t want to go stand in the rain so I decided to sit at home and time my exit for the next bus’ scheduled arrival at my bus stop (developed countries are great with timing their public transportation!). However, again my dear peoples, I somehow messed up…

It normally takes me 8 minutes to walk to the bus stop in flat shoes. Somehow I screwed away my time waiting at home on the second bus and I found myself in the position of having only 3 minutes to get to the 8-minute-away bus stop in my heeled boots.

There was only one thing I could do.




Rachel McAdams running

Yep, I shot out my door like a bullet and ran all the way to my bus stop in the heeled boots…only to catch the back of the bus pulling away as the bus stop came into sight.

Dammit I had missed the second bus!

I was now on track to being at least 40 minutes late for my original meetup time with the other girl. I hate disappointing other people, especially people I don’t know well. I HAD to find a way to get there at least at the time I told her I’d get there (i.e. only 15-20 minutes late). Cabs were out because it would’ve cost me at least $80. In other words, an exorbitant amount.

What to do? What to do?

Just then, I remembered that there was another bus I could take to get me where I wanted to go. And in a shorter time too. So I could theoretically make up some of my lost time. I had never taken that bus before but I knew that it could be caught at a bus stop over a hill (also a bridge) and about two blocks away. I checked my handy app again. The next bus at that stop was coming in 5 minutes. Of course…you guessed it…factoring the freaking hill in, that stop was about a 10 minute brisk walk away.

For the second time that night I found myself with the same two options. Either I try to sprint again and maybe catch that other bus or wait 25 minutes for my normal bus.

I began running.

girl running in heels

By now it was night time. Pitch dark, drizzling rain and wet slippery streets. Well, pitch dark but for the streetlights. The night looked a little like this.

dark street drizzling rain

But uhm, wild horses, remember?

Let me tell ya, I was running up that hill in the drizzling rain in them boots LIKE A CHAMP!

Of course, as is my luck, MANY a car passed me by. I could tell that it was many and not a few thanks to the many bright headlights that I felt glaring out at idiot me as the cars zoomed by. I am also sure that I was a sight to behold. Not least of which is because at some point, I think when I stopped earlier to figure out my options, I had taken my umbrella out of my handbag and didn’t put it back in. So not only was I running in the boots but I also had my handbag and my phone in one hand and my umbrella in the other hand.

As I continued down the hill with nary a slowdown in speed I could see the stop in the distance and it spurred me on. It also entered my head to slow down and casually walk the rest of the way. But I checked the bus arrival countdown on my app and realized that I HAD to continue running to make the bus.

Again, as is my luck, the bus stop was, of course, not empty. And there was a streetlight conveniently located just above it. So I had the pleasure of seeing the expressions of the two people at the stop as they intently watched me run down this hill in my clearly-not-running clothes/shoes.

Here is an attempted sketch to give you a gist of the situation.

Me running to catch bus in drizzling rain

Clearly, I have NEGATIVE artistic talent. Also, I “drew” the umbrella open when it was in fact closed and being held very much like a baton, most certainly fueling my pump motion mid-stride.

Anyway, running in my outfit down that hill towards those people with the incredulous faces and with cars whizzing by, I wish I could say that I was embarrassed. But I was not. This was far from the first time in my life that I went running down a main street in a city. In shoes that were not at all designed for running. My shame tree on this particular issue had long been cut down.

All the whole long way down that hill, I kept saying to myself, “By God I am GOING to catch this bus tonight! Nothing is gonna stop me from missing lesbian night! NOTHING!”

As I got closer to the stop I saw the bus approaching the intersection. With only a few seconds left, I had to dig deep to get extra energy for a last push to the finish line that was the bus stop.

It was soooo close.

But you guys, I made it!!!

Just in time too. I reached the bus corner just as the bus was pulling up to the stop! My efforts were not in vain. My 8 minutes of almost non-stop running in heels paid off! I also had the added benefit of doing my first bit of exercise in a month (yes I have been slacking on that too).

That bus was also super fast. I actually got to the meeting place in time for my original meeting time with the girl! And we got to the lesbian night early on!

Sadly, while it was amazing to be AT a lesbian night with other lady-loving queer ladies all around me, the actual lesbian night, as put on by the venue, turned out to be only just ok. However, I will have to tell you more about the actual event in another post. This post got too long with the story of my journey to the event! My apologies.

Please check back in a couple weeks or so (…) for the continuation of this story!

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