Hello y’all. Still in Canada suffering through the cold. I started this post yesterday morning when I was very excited about something. Do you wanna know what?

Well, last night was the season finale of Lost Girl in Canada and I was way more excited than someone should ever be for an episode of a TV show. Despite my enthusiasm, would you believe that I haven’t watched the episode yet, because I was interrupted last night. However, I will surely watch it before the day is out!

In the meantime, let me expound on my current thoughts on the show.

I’ve been watching Lost Girl regularly since it first aired in Canada. It’s the type of show I like to watch and, while I enjoyed Dyson and Bo together, the Bo/Lauren aka Doccubus dynamic got me from the very beginning. I was on Team Doccubus from day one!

I occasionally stopped watching for periods of time but sooner or later I always took time to catch up. For instance, before last Sunday, I hadn’t watched an episode of the show since that episode at the beginning of the season which started with sexytimes for Bo and Lauren (episode 4). However, in my last week in the US when I had a bunch of stuff to do, like packing and preparing to leave, I of course figured that it was the perfect time to catch up. So I watched my little heart away.

And OMG, how things have gotten mighty interesting.

Lost Girl - Tamsin and Bo bathtub scene


Ok, lemme say that I liked Tamsin from the first scene she appeared in and as the episodes wore on my love for her grew. I am always drawn to TV characters who have issues, especially ones that show their tough/cold/easygoing/happy-go-lucky side to the world but deep down are really another thing entirely. Clearly, I project onto these characters. But what I’m trying to say is that I was always gonna like Tamsin.

She reminds me of two other characters from TV shows I love, ladies who joined their respective casts sometime in or after season two. Those two characters would be:

  1. Lexa from Mutant X. When I first came to Canada and discovered Mutant X, I was OBSESSED with this character and her pairing with Jesse. Karen Cliche with black hair SLAYS me. Also, I STILL try to copy Lexa’s dress style when I’m going out.
    Lexa from Mutant X - Karen Cliche
  2. Cara from Legends of the Seeker. I’m not as attracted to blondes as I am to dark-haired people but Cara was like sex on a stick to me. Even before I knew for sure I liked girls I knew enough to know that she was one girl to whom I was VERY attracted.
    Cara Legend of the Seeker LOTS
    At 00:47, that tongue flick thing Cara does when she is interrupted from kissing Dahlia gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Hmm hmm hmm…before my mind goes wandering to Cara and her many talents let me get back to Tamsin!

As I was saying, based on her personality I was always going to like Tamsin. What’s also happened is that I love Love LOVE her chemistry with Bo too.

To be honest, I love Bo’s chemistry with quite a lot of people.
this space was supposed to have a collage of Bo with others but I didn’t have time to create it

Bo is the type of person I’d like to be in real life. I already use her for my fashion inspiration, when I want to look cool and pretend that I can be badass like her.

Lost Girl - Bo badass

At once strong yet gentle.

Lost Gril - Bo strong yet gentle

Virtuous yet a Succubus.

I could wax on and on about the many ways I love Bo but we really don’t have time to count them here. Needless to say, like the other two lovely ladies up above, Bo is also the type of person who could make my panties drop just by looking at me.

Anyways, by episode 6 when Tamsin helps Bo escape to go find the real Kenzi, I was close to betraying my allegiance to Lauren. So by the time Bo was about to do a face-off with the “Double Shit” guy in episode 8, with Tamsin telling her self-affirming words, I was completely and totally on Team Valkubus.

Then I was rewarded with that spontaneous kiss and my heart nearly dropped down out of my chest – it was so heavy from all the feels.

When Tamsin later went back to her normal smirky self, telling Bo that Bo’s skills at reading people were off, in an attempt to keep Bo far from her (as people like us are wont to do), I had to admit I was smitten.

Yet more was to come!

Last week’s ep with the bathtub confession took the cake. Tamsin drunk and struggling, with her rational side telling her she had a job to do while her irrational side was pulling her in, asking her to focus on how Bo made her feel. My heart almost couldn’t take the feels anymore you guys.

Spongebob holding back tears

I must have watched that bathtub scene (and the earlier double shits kiss scene) at least a hundred thousand times you guys.

Naturally, the next step was to go in search of fanvids for Team Valkubus. Man, how I love YouTube! I watched ALL the Bo/Tamsin scenes all over again (thanks YouTubers!) and I watched numerous fanvids about the two of them.

During my little escape from reality, my eyes caught one of the suggested vids in the corner of my YouTube page. It was for Doccubus and it looked sad.

Sad Puppy 2

I had been trying to ignore it but my whole time falling in love with Tamsin was accompanied by guilt at maybe falling out of love with Lauren.

It’s not that I don’t like Lauren. How CAN someone not like Lauren?
Lauren Lost Girl

Lauren also, surprise surprise, reminds me of me too. The reserved exterior that goes with my always-easygoing side that I show to most people. And someone choosing the badass or more exciting person over her seems like something that’d hit close to home for me.

The problem though is that I like Tamsin MORE.

I feel guilty for choosing one part of me (the uncaring, I-don’t-fall-for-people exterior) over the other (sweet and reserved). And I also felt/feel very guilty for jumping ship so quickly.

Yes, I think that the Bo/Lauren dynamic had less chemistry in the last few eps leading up to that heartbreaking breakup scene. However, I was pretty sad about the breakup. That first examination scene with Bo/Lauren way back in season one was THE reason for getting me HOOKED onto the show. And Bo’s tear-filled eyes during the breakup…

That breakup scene scene was :(. But I was making myself feel better about it by hoping for an eventual Tamsin hookup.

Cute Smiling Puppy

I wouldn’t mind Bo and Tamsin hooking up in some one-time burst of passion or for a feed. Hell, what am I saying? I would love it if that happened! However, I don’t really want them to get together in a legit relationship right away. Bo needs some time to get over Lauren. In the meantime, if I really want to, I can feed my desire to see Tamsin/Bo together by reading fanfiction.

Now that I’ve given you another glimpse into my schizophrenic mind as well as done the impossible and made myself even more excited to watch the season finale, I will end here.

Happy Monday y’all!

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