It’s been a while. That seems to be my standard first line. Today I want to talk about something I have gotten back into in the past few months, especially living back at home, it being winter and me having no love life to write about.

What’s the renewed thing in my life?


I used to read a lot of fanfiction. But a couple years ago I kinda stopped reading as often as I used to and began to only read sporadically. The past year or so I have gotten back into it. I got back into it in the summer of last year thanks to the TV show Faking It. I read a lot of Karmy fanfiction (Karma and Amy). Some were good but many of them were short stories. Also, I have to say while Karmy fics are not lacking in quantity, the quality for many was not as great. Understandably so, since most are being written by high school students (not to say high school students can’t be great writers!). In any case, after reading some Karmy fiction I started looking for more stories from other fandoms.

This is how I ended up reading quite a few Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D lesbian fanfiction of Jemma and Skye (Skimmons) despite having never watched the show. A few of the stories were so good that I went and watched a number of Agents of SHIELD episodes thanks to the fanfics. Definitely get a vibe from Skye (or the actress who plays her) for sure.

However, the number one couple for me to read about in fanfiction is one I discovered around the same time I started reading Karmy fanfiction. The couple is from one of my favourite shows of all time: Legend of the Seeker (LOTS).

LOTS was a short-lived show on TV that I absolutely loved. It helped that I found the main female characters stunning, one of whom was bisexual. I’ve written about the lovely Cara here before. The other main female character is Kahlan. When I watched the show the hope never once entered my head for the two of them to get together. So, I don’t remember how I even got there, but I was mighty pleased to discover that there IS Kahlan/Cara fanfiction.

Kahlan Cara - Legend of the Seeker

Since I love Cara (sexuality personified + canon bisexual) and I think Kahlan is beyond stunning, I probably clicked onto a fanfic one day when I was looking for new lesbian fanfiction. Best decision of my life!

There aren’t many but the Legend of the Seeker Cara & Kahlan stories are some of the best fanfiction I have ever read. The writing on those stories not only seem to be on a better level than many other couples, but also the stories are longer!

The LOTS Kahlan/Cara fanfiction writers have a good knack for writing characters that act and think true to the characters as we knew them from the TV show (I never read the books) while building their relationships, believably. Furthermore, I personally love the slow burn and the Kahlan/Cara stories that I’ve been reading have had that in spades.

My two absolute favourite Kahlan/Cara fanfiction at the moment are called Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining (I’m gonna refer to it as TOHWIR) and The World Not Reeling (the latter having very recently been spun off into a series of fanfics).

To give you an idea of the slowness of the burn, I’m still waiting on them to actually sleep together in TOHWIR. And we’re 47 chapters or over 200,000 words in! In The World Not Reeling you don’t have to wait too long for actual sexy times. But the slow burn of feelings is still something that is there. That one went all the way to a Chapter 30, 99K words in and have set off a second fic. And STILL their feelings have yet to be resolved. Needless to say, I AM LOVING these stories!

Below are some excerpts.

Thunder only happens when it’s raining

Kahlan harshly denied the leniency and raised her chin higher, increasing the ice in her blue irises. “So what’s that you want now? Deriding me? Humiliating me? Breaking me a little bit more?”

“I never wanted to!” Cara exclaimed with vehemence, lifting her now blushed face and throwing her other arm against the horse’s chest. The beast slightly neighed as both opened palms were leaning on its coat so that Kahlan was now completely within the other woman’s arms and at her mercy. Prisoner yet jailer of Cara’s heart.

That last sentence is one of the best sentences I have read this past year!

The World Not Reeling

They started to linger.

It had happened quite naturally, born out of Kahlan’s lethargy after sex; her apparent unwillingness to force her muscles back into the rigors of the day. Cara could often relate—under normal circumstances, sex happened in a bed and after it was done you had the option of just falling asleep. They had no such luxury, but as it stood Cara wasn’t sure of her boundaries. She had no context for whether or not it would be rude to remind Kahlan that they were trying not to attract attention to their departure together, so the less time they were gone, the better. She wasn’t even sure if it would be considered rude to stand and wait for Kahlan to collect herself, and so she had taken to simply mimicking Kahlan. If she sat, Cara sat. When she stood, Cara stood. And if she chose to remain lying on the ground, stretched out on the ground, well…Cara wasn’t exactly comfortable lying on the ground, obsessing over what Kahlan might be thinking in the after glow of sex, but she laid on the ground as well. And when Kahlan started talking, well…

The stories have taken two very different paths for Kahlan and Cara to be together but both are oh so very good!

Have a read and let me know what you think in the comments. Also, if you have any suggestions for good lesbian fanfic, please please let me know in the comments!

By the way, I was delighted to learn that Bridget Reagan, the actress who played a straight Kahlan in LOTS, is actually lesbian on the new TV show Jane the Virgin and has been on a number of other high-profile TV shows. I wish Tabrett Bethell, the actress who played Cara, could get some good new roles too. I leave you with a pic of both of them.

Kahlan Cara - Legend of the Seeker

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