Happy New Year everyone!!!

My new year started out great. I was in New York City for 2 weeks to celebrate. I had a great time hanging out with old friends in the Big Apple. I hung out with my best friend from college a lot. I talked to her a lot more about being queer. It was a bit of a shock to her to find out that I prefer women but at least she understands now. I also came out to a good college friend while there and I spoke freely to others about being queer. Not to mention all the fun activities I was doing.

I was so relaxed there that the few remaining zits and blackheads on my face disappeared completely when I was there. Seriously you guys, my face cleared up completely! Then I came home and within a few days had my first outbreak. I am seriously allergic to being home I think.

Take Me Away

Also, Canadian winter weather has been preventing me from partaking in too many social activities, especially lesbian activities. I come from a country that is warm year round and for the three years I did grad school and stayed in the US I was in warm states. So I generally have zero desire to leave my house when it feels like -24C outside (that’s -11F for you Americans).

What I love about winters: Nothing. Fuck winter!

Especially in the evenings and nights, which is when a lot of the lesbian activities take place.

It is also starting to come to that time in winter when I haven’t seen the ground without snow for over a month. Ugh! No surprise then that I am quite content to just wait out the next two months of winter before venturing outside again to socialize and go back all gung ho into dating and trying to expand my queer circle.

winter depression


As 2013 drew to a close, like many people I reflected on my life and I thought about what I want to accomplish this year. I don’t make resolutions but I usually set goals at some point anyways, low though they may be.

2013 started out not-so-great. I was depressed, jobless and broke. Then earlier in the year, as you all know, I gave in to my worst fear for post-grad school life and moved back to Canada, after giving up on the US. I was still sad for a little while when I first got here. So sad that when I went for my health checkup shortly after coming back (yay to free healthcare in Canada!), my doctor’s last words to me were a very sympathetic, “Good luck…I hope you find your way here…or not”. So much could she sense the uncertainty that hovered over my life at that point, even with just the few details I gave her.

Thankfully though, my life soon turned a corner! Within a short while after getting back, I finally started working and earning decent money. Professionally the year ended very well so moving was certainly a good move. Besides, there was only so long I could depend on the kindness of my relatives in the US.

So all in all 2013 was a good year!

This year, my main goal is to stay gainfully employed! Lol. Then if all goes well, I hope to be able to move out later this year! Yes, peoples I have BIG dreams!! I was kinda afraid to write them here and express them to you all, what with setting low expectations and all. But you’ve all seen into the inside of my psycho brain for the better part of a year now (2.5 yrs if you were a reader of my old blog) so I think we’re cool. I have faith that some of you will still love me even if I fall as painfully far away from my goal as this lovely kitten here.

kitten jump fail

So here’s to wishing you a great 2014. May we all accomplish our goals, dreams and hopes for this year! And at the very least may it be filled with these things:

Happy 2014!

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