Hell-o peoples!

I am sooo SOOO busy at the moment that, of course, I thought it’d be a perfect time to write a new blog post. Give y’all an update on the many months since I last updated.

Where to start? Where to start…

So many things are going splendidly bad!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Secondly, my teeth situation. I only recently got the front tooth pulled and am wearing my teeth-fixing device. As is my luck, the space in my tooth from the tooth extraction cannot immediately be hidden. So I am totally walking around with a damn big MASSIVE tooth-sized gap in my front teeth. I was only supposed to have the space show when I am eating (when I take off the trays). But nope. No such luck. For reasons I can’t bother getting into I do not have a replacement tooth yet. And the space is there and open for all to see. ALL the time. Worse with my trays and the even more visible spit bubbles in the missing spot.

My dentist says I should have a fake tooth in there in a week but I’m not holding my breath. Been without a tooth for a couple weeks now. Lovely catch I am at the moment!

Where before there was a slim chance that I’d find me somebody to love or rather somebody to love me (or even just like me), now I can confidently say there is a ZERO percent chance I will find anyone to like me for me for the next one and a half year.

My current look is not unlike this one by Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods - No teeth

Sigh. The single life continues.

Onwards to my work situation….

Sad to say, it has worsened! Again. I am back in uncertain income straits. With my rather optimistic nature, I have been expecting shit to cave in for some time now. So there’s nothing really new or even unexpected about my income situation. Though I should let y’all know that my current situation has made it more unlikely that I will be able to move out permanently this summer. Works just as well I guess since I KNOW I will have no need for a place to myself, thanks to my being EXTREMELY unlikely to be in a position to bring home ANYONE with my gap-teethed look.

Speaking of finding someone…especially since I’m not sure I’ll get in another post before Valentine’s Day…

Before I took out my tooth I came to the decision that Tinder and OK Cupid do NOTHING for me anymore. Most especially Tinder. On Tinder I get matched with guys very often but no one contacts me. I suspect it might be because in my profile I put that I am NOT looking for hookups. I think I open my profile to guys mainly as a self-esteem booster, because I am pretty much invisible to girls on there, even when I set it to women only. I have YET to match with a girl. Similarly, OK Cupid is a wasteland for me. I don’t even see any women I might want to contact. And they certainly are not seeing anything in me either because the last time a woman contacted me on OK Cupid it was last Spring, almost a year ago.

AND I can’t even update my pics on any of the dating sites because I have a missing front tooth. Plus, if the people weren’t contacting me when I had in all my teeth in my pics, they certainly will NOT be contacting me were I to post my current pics, with my missing front tooth in all its glory aided and abetted by my retainers and lovely attachments.

Basically, I haven’t signed into my dating site accounts in a couple months and am unlikely to do so for at least another year.

Anyways, though some things are bad and this whole post has been a long rambling rant, I am not actually in bad spirits.

I still have hope that my work will go back on the upswing, that I will save enough to move out permanently soon and maybe even that I will get a replacement tooth before the year is up. I, however, have no hope to find someone to like me though. That would be aiming too high! Kinda like my friend below.

high expectations

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